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A Passion for Positive Transformation

With a foundation in communication, relationship building, and self-love, I offer authentic guidance to empower clients on their journey to fulfillment. My goal is to help individuals cultivate positive habits, build resilience, and foster meaningful relationships.

Why Self-Love Matters to Me

The journey to self-love has been a personal struggle throughout my life. Witnessing my mother’s challenges and experiencing my daughter’s struggles fueled my commitment to share my story and support others on their path to self-discovery.

The Turning Point

Nearly a decade ago, marked by the birth of my youngest daughter and the unexpected loss of my job and mother, my journey began. What started as a quest for health evolved into a continuous reinvention, soul searching – a reminder that each day offers a new beginning and a chance for positive impact.

From Words to Action

Through soul searching, therapy, self-exploration, and adventure, I’ve translated self-loving words into action. Daily reinvention became a powerful tool for personal growth, proving that words mean nothing without the action backing them up.

Your Journey, Your Light, Your Abundance

I’m excited to work with you and guide you towards finding your light and abundance. You are incredibly worthy of everything you desire. Ready to embark on a journey of positive transformation? Let’s connect.

Hi! I'm Laura.

People are my passion! I love witnessing someone reach their full potential with my guidance.

It's all about the action. Words mean nothing, without the action backing them up. - Laura Ferri

We are committed to inspire, encourage, and empower both women and men to

re-discover their passion, energy, and balance, and take action so they can live a

happy, fulfilled, abundant life with purpose. It all starts with gratitude.

Why Coaching


Boost self-confidence and self-worth

An empowerment coach helps you recognize your strengths, overcome limiting beliefs, and build a positive self-image. By fostering self-awareness and self-acceptance, they enable you to develop greater confidence in your abilities and increase your sense of self-worth.

Develop effective communication and interpersonal skills

Empowerment coaches provide guidance on how to communicate assertively and express your needs, feelings, and boundaries with clarity and respect. This leads to healthier relationships, improved conflict resolution, and greater personal and professional success.

Set and achieve meaningful goals

With the support of an empowerment coach, you can identify your passions, values, and aspirations, and create actionable plans to achieve your goals. They provide motivation, accountability, and practical tools to help you stay focused and overcome obstacles along the way, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Let's Get to Work!


Individual private coaching is available to anyone who wants to think and do better, experience change, feels stuck in a relationship, job, or mindset, needs additional support navigating through transition, or help pinpointing what may be holding you back. Dive deep, learn a new narrative, and begin living your life in abundant love. Individual coaching is a private one-on-one, completely customized experience, designed for YOU. Don’t stand in the way of reaching your goals, schedule your session today!

The Self Love Club Private Group!

Workshops designed for teams, groups, and individuals looking to enhance their daily experiences but aren’t quite ready for individual sessions, yet. Aren’t sure where to begin? If you value community, connection, and supportive peers, while beginning your journey - this may be for you!

In person and virtual sessions available.


BETTER COMMUNICATION, period. Did you know that nearly HALF of employees don’t know what’s expected of them? Executive, team, and leadership coaching is customized to serve individuals or teams that desire better communication within their organization to maximize their time, effectiveness and potential. We will help you manage your stress, leadership skills (it’s all about the people!) and create long lasting change to bring you to the next level with your teams and beyond.

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